iPhone 8 Amazing Concept & 3D Rendering with Curved Display, Quad Speaker Surround Tech & Lot more

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        After the launch of iPhone 7 every one is eagerly waiting for some early leaks of the next flagship the iPhone 8, but sadly their is not much leakes appeared till now ,except from some patent documents.  It is expected that the next iPhone will receive major design improvements and the curved display portrayed in the patent documents seems to be the most  anticipated feature on the next iPhone.   

         Inspired from thoes patent documents we have already created our first concept 3D rendering of the iPhone 8(here) but now we have developed another version of that render integrating some latest leakes. Take a look.

          The specs provided on this concept is purely our imagination like the Quad speaker virtual 3D sound tech,the dual front  camera.  But there are rumours that the next iPhone will feature camera with advanced Light Spliting technology used in high end Cameras.

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