OnePlus 4 Edge Concept with Curved Edge Display and Dual Camera Module

OnePlus 4 Edge OnePlus 4 Edge OnePlus 4 Edge OnePlus 4 Edge OnePlus 4 Edge OnePlus 4 Edge OnePlus 4 Edge

             OnePlus brand has been very successful in attracting huge amount of attention from the tech world with its consistent quality products  at jaw dropping price within a short period of time .  This might be reason why  there a big buzz among the fans for the 2017 flagship OnePlus 4.  Looking at the history of OnePlus we could definitely expect the OnePlus 4 to be for be a true Flagship killer of 2017 which will some innovations to the table.

          Here we present you our first take on what we think the OnePlus 4 would be , in this concept we have integrated dual edge display on the design since a ton of Chinese brands are implementing it on their flagship models . we also believe the one plus would bring a QHD display retaining the same screen size and will add additional features like waterproofing which would be a must for a flagship killer for 2017. We think it would be nice if they implement a technology similar to the 3D touch and add a embedded fingerprint scanner to the screen thus eliminating the of a separate sensor.   We also expect a dual camera module as a primary camera which has several interesting applications.

            Talking about the specification the OnePlus 4 is rumored to feature 5.5inch QHD display with 8GB of RAM and powered by flagship Snapdragon 830 chipset .The camera department is expected to have 16 & 8MP dual camera modules on the back while the front camera will be 12MP.

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