iPhone 8 Edge Concept with All Glass Design & Wrap Around Edge Display

iPhone 8 iPhone 8 iPhone 8 iPhone 8 iPhone 8 iPhone 8

            iPhone 8 is probably the most anticipated smartphone of 2017 and it is expected that the Apple will do some major redesign on it next flagship.  This mainly due to the fact that the next iPhone arrives at the occasion which mark 10 year existence of iPhones.  As you know we have put forward some interesting Concepts of the iPhone 8 in the past but it more based on the patent documents which limited our creativity.  But now here with this new concept we have completely utilized our creative freedom and came up with this all glass wrap around edge design for the iPhone 8.

      Surely this design is inspired by the our recent Samsung Galaxy S8 concept(See here) and we believe our wraparound design is the better application of the AMOLED panels than an Edge design.  On this concept we see the next iPhone flagship to have all glass  made of a single glass panel wrapped around a metal frame.

      This wrap around design could bring a lot of new applications and useful features to the user.  For an instance if the user opens the camera app the UI will bring all the quick toggle icons to the wrapped edge such as the shutter button,ISO,Flash thus eliminating the need for reaching out to the display, also pressing the shutter button on the sides are a more natural ergonomic way for user for taking a snap.  Similarly this warped edge can be used as a shortcut panel to switch between the apps as well as for doing multitasking.  
          One thing to note is that probability of the accidental touch is minimal in this concept since the wrapped edges are activated only according to the context of usage. So if you are simply holding the device in hand the touch on the edges wont do any thing,also if you are engaging an app only the area  which the related touch toggle buttons appears are sensitive  rest of the wrapped edge will function just a simple display.
          The specs provided on this concept is purely our imagination like the Quad speaker virtual 3D sound tech,the  front  camera integrated retina scanner. The display panel will feature AMOLED display for the first time while it will be integrated with fingerprint scanner, 3D touch and display integrated menu button. There are also rumors that the next iPhone will feature camera with advanced Light Splitting technology used in high DSLR Cameras.

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