Samsung Galaxy S8 with Wrap Around Edges a Totally Unique Design Innovation, Must Watch!!!

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        Even though there is a huge buzz about the next upcoming flagship from Samsung ,the Galaxy S8 ,there is almost nothing leaked till now, which might give us a glimpse at its design. As you know we have already presented our first concept Galaxy S8(here) which was based on the same dual edge design of the previous generation, now we think there is still time left for another concept with a totally new approach or something even better than edge. So let me introduce the tag line for this new concept, "Go beyond the Edge".  

          In this new concept we have tried to re-imagine the use of the curved OLED panels by wrapping it around instead of limiting it to the Edge.   This small change in the design could bring a lot of new applications and useful features to the user.  For an instance if the user is opening the camera app the UI will bring all the quick toggle icons to the wrapped edge such as the shutter button,ISO,Flash thus eliminating the need for reaching out to the display, also pressing the shutter button on the sides are a more natural ergonomic way for user for taking a snap.  Similarly this warped edge can be used as a shortcut panel to switch between the apps as well as for doing multitasking.  

          One thing to note is that probability of the accidental touch is minimal in this concept since the wrapped edges are activated only according to the context of usage. So if you are simply holding the device in hand the touch on the edges wont do any thing,also if you are engaging an app only the area  which the related touch toggle buttons appears are sensitive  rest of the wrapped edge will function just a simple display.

          As far as the specifications are concerned Galaxy S8 will be equipped with insane 4K display resolution with 5.5/5.7inch screen size.  The iris scanning tech pioneered in the Note 7 will be there with significant improvements, where as the a propitiatory head phone slot is also among the much rumored aspects.  

          It is also expected that the Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone from Samsung to feature a dual camera module in a 13MP and 12MP sensor configurations and will have screen integrated fingerprint scanner. 


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