Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera will Adopt High End DSLR Tech

          Samsung smartphone cameras has always been  phenomenal  in terms of image quality especially in the case of its flagship series which always give them an edge over the competition. But now it seems like  the competition is  catching up, the smart phones like Google pixel 2 and iPhone X actually rated much more than the Samsung's own flagships in camera performance.  So now it's evident that Samsung would Definitely try to up their game and beat the competition in 2018.  

          According to the patent document from the Samsung electro-mechanics division  it seems Samsung is implementing multi element lens system coated with broad band  anti reflection layer commonly known as BBAR   in order to reduce reflection and lens flares  which are common issues on multi an element  cameras. BBAR is widely used in high end DSLR lense the application of broadband anti reflection layer will reduce reflection to below 1 % and thereby improving the image quality. The multi lens setup can also improve the light captured significantly  which is the key aspect in low light conditions. It can also help to improve slow-motion technology for the S9, which will require a lot more light to be captured to allow for the heavy-duty processing.

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