More Details of Samsung Foldable Smartphone's Emerges ,Would have both Infolding and Outfolding Designs

              It has now been quite a while we are hearing about the foldable smartphone from Samsung which has been under development and working prototypes have recently been presented  at a secret meeting around the CES expo earlier this month. As per insiders the Samsung presented both infolding and outfolding prototypes  to the investors and carrier reps this year, as the product is finally said to be close to retail release.  Its said that Samsung would first likely retail the infolding type, while keeping the out folding version for a next generation of bendable handsets due to their higher curvature when folded, and thus needs to have better durability.  

          Samsung's latest patent also shows a inward folding smartphones with a screen size of 7.3inch(OLED) when unfolded, allowing you to watch videos in relative comfort, then simply snap it shut, and tuck in your pocket without a second thought. Unfolding will reportedly be done at the push of a button if every thing goes according to the plan. If you are wondering what would Samsung call such a device well according the latest rumors it could be either Galaxy X or Galaxy Wing but we have to wait till the official confirmation on this.   

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