iPhone X 2018 will Receive a Reduced "Notch" and Touch ID on the Screen

          Before the launch of the iPhone X there were strong rumors that it would have in-screen fingerprint scanner and later we learned that Apple cancelled the In-screen Touch ID because of the Synaptics couldn't deliver the fingerprint sensor with the required level of reliability. Now the latest report from Forbes suggest, Apple will return to the idea of In-display fingerprint scanner this year, the new Touch ID on the iPhone X 2018 would complement the innovative Face ID recognition technology, and the sensors itself would be much improved, which would in turn make the famous "notch" smaller. 

           Forbes builds on the idea that the Touch ID is still a more convenient method for protecting your smartphone for everyday use, having fewer vulnerabilities than Face ID (identical twins or children). On the basis of these data, even a render is collected, which you can see below. By the way, Forbes believes that the iPhone X will be supplemented by a model with a 6.2 inch screen, contrary to information about 6.5inch panels. How will it actually be, we'll only know by September.

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