More Details about Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ Camera Sensor Emerges

          Just a few days ago we saw couple of promotional photos captured from Galaxy S9 and S9+ which showed us exceptional images qualities and different potential features and capabilities of the cameras. Well today we have our first leak regarding the hardware behind such a camera , according the well known Chinese leakster @MMDDJ_  Samsung will put a 12-megapixel Sony IMX345 sensor with a 1/2.55inch size and f/1.4 aperture making it highest aperture camera on a smartphone. The Sony IMX345 is not yet listed on the official website so there is not much known about its capabilities but it could be introduced with the Galaxy S9+ at the launch event.

         It is also expected that Samsung would also use an ISOCELL equivalent on the Galaxy S9 in some regions and  has recently posted a new description for their ISOCELL Fast sensors, top-of-the-line series on the ISOCELL sensor lineup.  It mentions sensor features that are not yet found in any of the company's sensors - most likely, these are the features prepared for the Galaxy S9 and S9 + cameras. This is the implementation of a three-layer sensor with fast reading (3-Stack FRS), which will allow it to record Full HD video with a very high frame rate ,480 fps to be precise with 13 seconds recording time.

           In addition to the 3-Stack FRS, there is one more technology mentioned, its called Super PD. Judging by the description, devoid of technical details, this is an advanced Phase detection autofocus, which is able to quickly focus on moving objects even in low light condition .

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