2019 iPhone's to Feature USB Type-C Port, Instead of the Conventional Lightning Port

                After Apple introduced the lightning port on the iPhone 5 in 2012, all the Apple devices adopted lightning  port interface, but recently we saw the Apple adopting the new USB Type-C charger in the PC industry via its MacBook however, they maintained the lighting connector as their iPhone interface. Now today a new report came out, which suggest that Apple is redesigning their chargers and related interface for its next-generation iPhone and iPads, in order to adopt USB Type-C charging, which is likely to feature on the 2019 Apple products including iPhone 2019.

               According to the report Apple is currently using its own  Lightning connector in iPhone and the company may finally switches over to the more common USB Type-C port while the redesign phase is expected to rollout late next year. Recall early rumors which stated that the adoption would take place with this year's iPhone lineup, but, according to the sources, Apple is still in its redesign phase, due to this, the Type-C port being scheduled for next year's devices and that will also support fast charging.

           At present,  the USB Type-C connector has seen a pretty fast pace of adoption within the flagship smartphone industry while when it is compared with the lower-end models, the adoption rate is significantly lower. Once Apple adopts this technology, the manufacturers of cheaper smartphone will likely start adopting the technology at a  faster pace until it eventually it becomes the standard within the industry. 
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