Samsung Realizes its Future is Heavily Dependent on the Sucess of Foldable Smartphone

               We have hearing Samsung has been working on a foldable smartphone for a while and now today a Korean media report that  Samsung's Vice Chair Jay Y. Lee is intends to accelerate innovation and delivery in its mobile department and also has shared some valuable information about the company's upcoming foldable smartphone which may be dubbed as Galaxy X.
                Recall earlier report revealed that the Note 9 was expected to unveil in June, but a last minute design change suggested by  Lee Jae-Yong has push it backward to August. It was reported that he visited a stores to try out some other competing smartphones like Oppo, Xiaomi and vivo to see how they feel in the hands and apparently, he realize that those smartphone offers an increased feel of grip, which forced him to  reduce the thickness of the Note 9, and thereby  making it slightly slimmer and more comfortable to hold in hand.

              There were reports that  foldable Galaxy X may be released sometime in 2019, and that Samsung has focused on getting an in-folding version of the Galaxy X at first, rather than an out-folding type. However, it seems  Samsung is now looking at the Galaxy X  as its sole chance of real differentiation in the market, and it's important unveil it quickly since Apple and Chinese smartphone makers are also exploring foldable devices. Meanwhile there are reports that some Chinese display makers already have developed flexible OLED panels, but they are not hitting the market before 2020. So Samsung is, in a rush to release the Galaxy X to deliver it as a world's first foldable smartphone, which may be release at CES 2019 in Las Vegas next January

              It is speculated that the foldable smartphone from Samsung may feature a large 7.3-inch display which when folded will shrink to 4.5-inch screen. Samsung will produce only a limited amount of foldable smartphones at first, to gauge the market response like they did to the Note series and if it become successful Samsung will go ahead with large scale production. It is reported that Samsung will introduce the foldable smartphones as a separate segment from the current line up and has plans to  accelerate its development to evolve to a better design in future. 

               At present Samsung seems to be in pressure due to the decline of its mobile revenue steered by the underwhelming performance of the galaxy S9. We already know there is not much Samsung can do in the mid-range segment as the Chinese counter parts are eating into their profit  in that segment, so it seems like Samsung only has upper hands  in the flagship segment, this is exactly the reason why Samsung is looking forward to the foldable smartphone for its future flagship and its among the only brand which could deliver a foldable smartphone  in 2019.
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