Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Feature Carbon Fiber Pipes for Better Cooling

                Tomorrow Samsung will launch its highly anticipated Galaxy  Note 9 in an unpacked event in New York  and recent report has revealed that the company will add heavier  gaming capabilities through a deal with Epic Games that will see Fortnite arrive on Android as a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive. Now the latest tweet from SamsungMobile.News has revealed that Samsung will include a new heat pipe system which is expected to keep the Note 9's performance levels high and temperatures down.
             Recall early there were reports that the Galaxy Note 9 will include new heat dissipation modifications that would improve significantly compare with previous-generation devices and it will occupy almost a quarter of the smartphone's internal area. At the time of this revelation, it was claimed that Samsung would include multiple copper pipes, similar to other Chinese manufacturers. But now a industrial source has revealed that Note 9 may use a more premium material for the cooling pipe line rather than  copper, and it was reportedly make use of carbon fiber solution due to its high level of heat conductivity, which  keep temperatures down even in the most demanding performance scenarios.
              Apart from the improvements in overall gaming performance, the new heat pipe solution will also serves another purpose. Previously Samsung has confirmed that the new Note 9 will provide a complete desktop experience with out using a dedicated DeX docks, which was included built-in cooling solutions. The new carbon fiber pipe lines inside the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to provide enormous cooling while connecting the smartphone directly to the desktop, however the recent report suggest that Samsung has also limited the number of application simultaneously used on the desktop mode to 5, which was 20 applications on the previous DeX docks.
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