LG Finally Clear's Apple's Quality Test for OLED Panels, to Become Secondary Supplier to Compete with Samsung

               Its just few days ago Apple has launched three new smartphones globally, out of them two models dubbed as iPhone XS and XS Max  were featured OLED panels while the budget iPhone XR has a LCD display. Now today  a Korea media (Electronic Times) has reported  that LG has finally cleared Apple’s quality tests for manufacturing  OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone model, and they are gearing up for a mass production which will start at the local E6 plant.
              Recall last year Samsung was the sole supplier for  the iPhone X display production, which resulted in a pretty large gap between the handset’s official announcement and commercial release, so Apple's supply chain has planned to expand its OLED display contract over the past year and decided to take LG as a second supplier for the next iPhone generations. But the new  iPhone XS and XS Max seems to be using OLED panels from Samsung and they have once again scored exclusive rights to developing and mass-producing it.
              If the unnamed sources for the Korean publications are true, LG's OLED panels should already started the mass production for 2018 iPhones, in order to escort the market demand. But a recent report suggested that the E6 plant of LG where its OLED mass production will begin was reportedly been operational for test runs and a separate E5 OLED facility was mainly utilized for R&D projects. So, it seem LG will not be ready to produce the bulk of  OLED screens anytime soon. Recall early there were reports that Apple has planned a market strategy to reduce the pricing of the  display panel supplied by Samsung, the Cupertino believes that a good competition will reduce its reliance on the sole supplier and there by negotiation could happen in pricing of displays.
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