Latest Display Patent from Apple Reveals that they are Working on Notch less Design

                It seems, attaining the most screen to body ratio display has become the motive of the smartphone manufacturers. Last year Apple started off the controversial trend of notch design on the iPhone X which got widely accepted and implemented by several Chinese manufactures giving us different version on notch design, among's which the latest one being the water drop notch.  Now today a few patent document leaks from Apple has revealed that they are working on something better than the notch design
               According to the patent documents Apple intends to incorporate small cut out in the smartphone display in order to accommodate a variety of sensors such as the selfie camera and Face ID elements. Thus, there would be no need  for a large notch above the display like that on current iPhone 2018 and thereby giving users ability to utilize most of the available screen space.  The patent also explains that in order to achieve this look, few tiny drills would be used on the display creating a ring-shaped incision and once its  done, the sensors could be placed inside in the hole. Although this definitely seem to be the next step in  urge for maximum screen space, it is most likely that Apple will skip it, since there is much better alternatives out there. For instance Samsung has recently revealed that they are working on new implementations that will allow cameras and other sensors to be hidden beneath OLED panels, which definitely seems to be superior design than what apple is considering in the new patent and  something Apple may borrow from Samsung in future.

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