Samsung Reveals it's Road Map for Future Smartphone Design & Display Tech

                Yesterday we reported that Samsung is  testing out a  a few prototypes that will feature a behind-the-screen selfie cameras in order to make its future smartphones a higher screen-to-body ratio (here). Now today at the Samsung OLED Forum conference the company has confirmed that they are indeed working on a behind-the-screen selfie cameras and also revealed about the other display technologies that they are currently working on.
              At the Samsung OLED Forum conference, which was held at the Shenzhen Marriott Hotel in China, Samsung  has revealed four new features that will be key to its future smartphone designs, and one of the technology they mentioned was in-display fingerprint scanners. Recent reports has revealed that Samsung may use an Ultrasonic in display fingerprint scanner to the upcoming Galaxy S10 series smartphones and it will be paired with haptic feedback across the whole display, which will become an  essential competitor to Apple’s 3D Touch.
              The company  has further suggested that they are looking into solutions that will allow it to hide the in-ear speaker, and the most logical solution would be a piezoelectric speaker that vibrates the smartphone’s frame in order to produce sound, which was previously seen on Xiaomi's Mi Mix smartphones. They have also stated about behind-the-screen selfie cameras which was expected to arrive in next year’s Galaxy S10 or even the Galaxy Note 10, but the company did not reveal the details regarding its implementation.
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