Samsung's New Patent Reveals a Foldable Tablet could be Under Development

                We are already aware of the fact that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone tentatively dubbed as Galaxy F  and it is expected to debut early next year. Now new patent documents leaked today suggest that Samsung is also working on a foldable tablets. It seems the patent was actually filed back in April 2018 and it envisions a large flexible display device which could be unfolded to be used as a tablet.
              The interesting thing about this patent is that it also shows the display can be folded to make it compact as a smartphone, while this action will turn off half the display panel and automatically switch the UI to a smartphone-like experience on the portion that is still active. Alternatively, folding it in the other direction will turn off the display and conceal it , protecting the display and allowing it to be placed easily into a user’s pocket. The patent also shows two thick bezel on either side of the display panel which seems to be intentional but it could also be a constraint that comes with the foldable design. As per the patent documents it seems the device is constructed out of alluminum with a hinge the center which enables it to be foldable. Samsung is expected to introduce the foldable tech to the world with Galaxy F and if that becomes successful we would be able to see more foldable device from them in future which could also include foldable tablet.  
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